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  1. Excia

    How to Determine the Correct Label Size

    If you are uncertain of the exact label size you need for your products or project, follow our step-by-step measuring guide to find the proper fit.
  2. Excia

    Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing

    What is the differences between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing?
  3. Excia

    Select The Right Ribbon

    There are various label material / thermal transfer ribbon / printer combinations, and successful outcomes depend on mutual compatibility.
  4. Excia

    Selecting the right adhesive for your application.

    Use these 7-step guide to help you select an adhesive. Peel away the guesswork and find your way to the adhesive that meets your specific needs. 01 DOES THE LABEL NEED TO BE PERMANENT OR
  5. Excia

    Artwork Guidelines

    Artwork Guidelines When uploading design files, please keep the following in mind: Accepted File Formats   RGB is an additive light-based colour used for computer monitors that includes red, green & blue. It is additive since direct light is used to display colour. CMYK is a subtractive 4 colour printing
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