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Keep Your Distance Anti-Slip Floor Label


Product Description

Self-Adhesive Signage Label that is suitable for indoor and outdoor flat surface applications.

Product Features

  • Ideal for long and short term application.
  • Clear indication of safe distancing for patrons.
  • Create awareness.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor applications.
  • Maintain orderly manner in stores.
  • Low cost and long lasting.
  • Suitable for different types of floor surfaces.
  • Lead users to and providing directions.
  • "PEACE OF MIND" in confined space.
  • No/least residue when removed. (Removable adhesive type)
  • Can be also apply on different wall surfaces.

All Images in the contents are virtually created. Actual products to be applied on site.


Material Properties

80µm white gloss vinyl with matte PVC lamination finishing.

Coefficient of Slip Resistance (CSR):
Dry: 1.09
Wet: 0.58

Recommended values and considerations for reference are decided accordingly to the slip resistance coefficient (CSR) etc. measured by the slip property test of flooring materials specified in JIS A 1454 for floor slip it was declared as "Indicated."

Floor that works by wearing footwear, road surface

 Unit space etc.

Recommended value (draft)

Passage of the site, the entrance of the building, indoor passage, stair tread-landing, the toilet-washroom floor

CSR = 0.4 or more

Ramp (inclination angle: θ)

CSR - sin θ = 0.4 or more

Room floor

CSR = 0.3 or more


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