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Pre-Printed Shipping Labels
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Pre-Printed Shipping Labels - 100 Pcs/Roll

Sticker Size : 70mm x 70mm
Packing : 100 pieces a Roll



Warning Label / Fragile Label / Heavy Package Label / Urgent Label / Fruits with Care Label / Food Delivery Label / Keep Frozen Label / Live Plant Inside Label / Live Fish Inside Label / COD Label

Sticker Size : 70mm x 70mm
Packing : 100 Pieces a Roll

Product Description
An FSC certified, Universal label paper that are user-friendly for any retail business or general usage. Compatible with any barcode printers for fine quality print.

Product Conformance
- Adhesive Complies with FDA regulations (section 175.105) for indirect food contact.
- Complies with RoHS standards.

Material Physical Properties
Facestock : Semi-Gloss Paper / Art Paper
This paper is strong and rigid. Provides high degree of print contrast.
Basis Weight : 80 g/m2
Thickness : 70 μm

Adhesive : Water Based Permanent Emulsion Acrylic Adhesive
Good adhesion to normal substrates.
Initial Tack : 510 N/m
Peel Adhesion : 360 N/m

Release Liner : High-Density Glassine Paper
A high-density glassine paper featuring high internal strength, toughness and tear resistance as well as high transparency.
Basis Weight : 60 g/m2
Thickness : 53 μm

Thickness : 137 μm ± 10%
Service Temperature : -20°C to 80°C subject to facestock limitations.
Min. Application Temperature : 5°C

Shelf Life : 1 year
One year when stored at 23 +/- 2°C and 50 +/- 5% RH.


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