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Roll and Fan-Fold 2 in 1 Label Holder for Printer


[Universal Compatibility]:
This label holder is compatible for most of the market common printer brands.

[Size Adjustable]:
The Roll holder size is adjustable, Minimum Inner Core Size: 1.18'' - Max Outer Diameter 8''
Fan-Fold holder: Max Label Width 6.2''

[Easy Installation]
This label holder is easy to assemble. Use this label holder to store and use your thermal labels. Keep your labels organized and accessible with this roll label holder.

[Wide Application]
For use in Warehouse, Office, Supermarket, Retail, Factory, Delivery, Pharmacy Store, etc.

[Best match]
Ideal for Printers that limit roll size or require 1.5" Core

Perfect Partner for Shipping Label Printer ITPP941. This Label holder not only works well with Roll label, it also works well with fan-fold together, bundle 2 types of label finishing form into 1! Save Space and Save Cost!

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