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Our commitment to sustainability forms the foundation of StickOn, guiding us forward as we strive to grow value meaningfully and responsibly. We are focused on creating a culture and ecosystem that benefits not only the company, but also makes a positive impact on society.


StickOn has taken up the task of labelling a smarter future. We lead the way in our industry and share our vision with our partners. Together, we develop innovative future solutions that help us to become more sustainable, while improving product performance and always acting responsibly in the areas we operate in.


We at StickOn are commited to be the industry leader in sustainable development. Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs).




This agenda is an action plan aiming to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace, prosperity and justice. It calls on governments, the private sector and citizens to help.


Fulfilling sustainable living with the SDGs in mind, our sustainability vision encapsulates three dimensions: 


Our sustainability journey is one that will progress and evolve as we face a shifting landscape of challenges, opportunities and circumstances. What will never change is our commitment towards upholding the highest standards of sustainable practices to ensure a better and brighter tomorrow for all.

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